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In addition to manual and electrotherapies there are other therapies available such as cryotherapy, heat therapy and kinesiotaping. 

Cryotherapy and heat therapy may well form part of your homework plan dependant on the animals needs.

Kinesiotape provides support without restricting range of motion at the applied location. It can help reduce pain and swelling allowing the animal to reactivate the injured area and thus reducing the impact of compensatory mechanisms.  Tape applied within a physiotherapy session usually lasts 2-3 days dependent on the animals coat, place of application and activity levels. 

As a BHS Accredited Professional Coach I am able to offer guidance, confidence and instruction to enable you to reach your goals.  As a competent and confident rider I am also able to carry out exercise plans on your behalf, continue education or provide assistance in preparing you and your horse for competition.  

Please contact me if you would like further details on how I can help you.

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