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How long before I can get back to normal with my animal following a veterinary physiotherapy treatment?

I usually recommend a day of rest following a routine physiotherapy session.  A further period of rest may be required dependent on my findings during the session.  Please bear in mind competition schedules when booking an appointment and if in doubt please discuss your upcoming plans and any need for pre-competition treatments.

How frequently should my animal see a veterinary physiotherapist?

Unfortunately this is similar to the old 'how long is a piece of string'?  It will depend entirely on your animal, its work load, long term health conditions and ongoing veterinary intervention.  Post operative cases may require weekly visits, whilst routine appointments for a fit and healthy animal with low work load may be 6 monthly.  I will discuss this with you further following your initial appointment.

Will I have to buy specialist equipment?

As long as you have the appropriate equipment to handle your animal safely and securely I hope not.  I recommend that all dogs are handled in a harness for on lead work so this may be something to bear in mind.  Remedial exercise plans can lead to some natty improvisation using house hold items but you will not need to rush out and buy expensive kit.  Where electrotherapies are recommended for home use these can be hired from Animate Physiotherapy subject to availability, (terms and conditions apply).

What happens at an appointment and how long will it last?

Please see the Appointments section of the website.

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