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Treatment will vary between each animal, their individual medical issues, personalities, goals and your individual time and outcome requirements.

Initial appointments last between 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes and subsequent appointments 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Please ensure you have a suitable quiet and dry place available for the duration of the session.

During the visit I will take a full history about your animal - even the smallest details can provide useful insight as to how I can best help. 

Static assessment of your animal will require a flat surface in a quiet area.

Dynamic assessment.  I will need to see your animal move on a good flat surface.  Please ensure you are appropriately dressed to run! If you are facing a particular challenge I may ask to see this in action.  This may require your horse on the lunge and/or ridden or your companion animal conducting the activity you feel they are struggling with.

Palpation.  The hands on bit where I assess the animal.  Please ensure they are presented clean and dry - they don't need to be show ready, but less like a bog monster please!

Range of motion assessment of the animals joints.

Treatment .  Each plan is tailored to the animal in front of me and may include any of the therapies at my disposal.

Remedial Exercise Plans.  Tailored to the individual, these plans may be comprehensive following illness, injury or surgery.  Those with routine appointments are also unlikely to escape homework!!  Goals will be set, with short interim objectives along the way.  I can not stress enough that the more you can do, within your limitations, the better the outcome. 


As a BHS Accredited Professional Coach, with competition experience, I can also help you implement any in hand or ridden plans where appropriate.

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